We welcome you to join this day of nurturing for yourself. 

Are you craving rest and deep relaxation?

As we choose to give ourselves space and to deeply relax, we create a deeper harmonious connection to our body and mind. This becomes a reflection in every aspect of our lives.  

What you will receive from this nurturing retreat...

MY INTENTION Is to hold a loving and compassionate space for you, and to support you where you are at.  To create an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. To support you to receive what it is you need right now in your life.

YOU ARE WELCOME to join us in this nurturing retreat, which will be held in the idilic Isis centre. We will also be able to take up the opportunity of being out-doors and a part of the abundant nature and peaceful grounds of the center.  

The day is structured in such a way as to support you in your journey to let go of any stress you are holding onto, and to move into a space of peace and love.  This is our truth beyond our conditioned state.  This will be an experiential journey.

We begin the day with an opening circle. A space to land, a space to set our intentions and to feel the presence of all the other lovely souls that we will be sharing our day with.  

The relaxing yoga class will be held in a warm and cosy space.  I will have mats, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows for you all.  The class will be slow and gentle.  The whole class becomes a conscious meditation.  Throughout the class I will continually support you to be present.  The class will incorporate a mix of gentle Hatha, Yin yoga, and Restorative yoga.   I will share breathing practices with you, which will support your nervous system to move into balance.  The class will end with a guided relaxation practice.

In our states of blissful presence, we will then move downstairs for lunch.  We will be preparing a fresh and totally delicious vegetarian/vegan lunch.   During this one hours break there will be space to spend time with others, or have some quiet reflection time, in nature perhaps.  

After lunch if the weather is suitable, we will be outdoors in the beautiful nature.  I will guide you through some breathing practices (Pranayama) .  The technique I will be sharing, supports the mind to calm and the nervous system to balance.  It will also help prepare us for meditation.  I will be guiding you into meditation.  

From this grounded and peaceful state we walk quietly upstairs to either Martins gong bath session where you can immerse yourself in the ocean of sound, or downstairs to a Yoga Nidra session with Michelle ,the choice is yours.  You will have a comfortable space to lie down with pillows, blankets, and bolsters.  Both are intended to offer a deeply relaxing experience for you.

We then bring our relaxed selves up to sitting.  We will spend some reflection time to complete our day together. 

Summary of the days Schedule...

9.40am - ARRIVAL 
10am - OPENING CIRCLE - An opportunity to arrive and center.
10.30am - 12.15pm - RELAXING YOGA CLASS. This is Includes gentle Hatha, Yin Yoga  and Restorative Yoga.
12.15pm - 1.30pm - LUNCH.  We will be serving you a fresh and totally delicious vegetarian lunch. (If You Have Any Dietary Requirements Please Let Me Know) 
During this time we will have space to connect with others, or have some beautiful solitude in the Gorgeous surroundings.   
1.30pm - 2.30pm - PRANAYAMA & MEDITATION 
2.30pm - 3.30pm - A CHOICE OF A GONG BATH  - with Martin OR A YOGA NIDRA With Michelle.
3.45pm - 4.30pm - CLOSING CIRCLE -  Some reflection time to complete our day together.  Time to enjoy some Chai and homemade chocolate.

A little bit about us

Julie Kent

I have been teaching yoga since 2006.  

I offer yoga courses, meditation, mindfullness, half day and day retreats, as well as annual retreats in Europe.

I am the founder of Conscious Holding© and a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner.  I support people that are struggling with their physical, emotional or mental health.  Through a 3 month 1:1 deep journeys experience, I support my clients to move into healing, which is actually a space of connection to Self. 

I also offer 5 week introduction courses.

I myself used to be very unwell.   I was told by one doctor I would be in a wheelchair for my life, and another confidently believed I had M.S. In a relatively short time I healed myself.  My deepening journey continues and I share my wisdom and deep understanding to support others to also find health and balance.   

Martin greene

Martin Greene will be inviting you on a sound journey that offers to relax and reboot you .. swim in the flow of sound & vibration.. dive into the depth of this guided meditation with the potential of reaching real tranquility.
The Gongs will engage on a cellular level, balancing and calming .. shifting any blocked energy, releasing tension and any complex emotion trapped within your energy field.
Martin is an experienced ‘Gonger’; a practitioner/member of the ‘College of Sound Healing’, an accomplished practitioner with many years experience delivering group and one to one healing.
It is impossible to describe the depth of tone and force of vibration that combine to create the overall environment of the Sound healing.. a unique experience, resonant and brooding ..enabling total engagement with the harmonious voices of the Gongs..


LOCATION - The Isis Centre. Les Chasses, La Route de St Jean. St Lawrence, JE3 1HB Jersey,

DATE - Saturday 18th November 2023
TIME - 10am - 4.30pm (to arrive at 9.40am please)
PRICE - £95 Super Early Bird (available until 2 weeks before the retreat date).  After this time the price will be £110. 
This includes your freshly prepared Vegetarian/vegan lunch, as well as home made chai, herbal teas, homemade raw chocolate.
Concessions - I do offer Concessions for those unwaged or on a low income.  Please contact me and we can arrange this option for you.  
WHAT TO BRING - I will provide you with a mat, bolster, 2 blankets and an eye pillow.  Obviously you are welcome to bring your own. 

This retreat is suitable for anyone.  Please contact me if you have and questions. 

There are 15 spaces available.

Please see terms and conditions below

Terms & Conditions of payment – by making payment you agree to these terms and conditions:

If you decide to cancel any time up to 5 WEEKS before the retreat begins, a full refund will be given.   
If you cancel after this time, and up to 2 weeks before the retreat, a full refund less £30 admin fee will be applied.
No refund will be given if you cancel within 2 weeks of the retreat date.  

You are welcome to gift your space to a friend or family member.

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